Other Projects

Orbiter Module

Open sourced: https://github.com/Orbiter-Finance/OrbiterModule

A Docker project is written in js, deployed in the EC2 server, and has no external exposed port. It is always online and responds to theSender's needs via RPC data. It is a tool provided to Navigator.


Open sourced: https://github.com/Orbiter-Finance/OrbiterModule

A docker project is written in js, deployed on an EC2 server, or runlocally. Establish a database through RPC data and display the operation status of Maker's addresses in statistical tables. Navigator can adjust the strategy in time by combining this tool withMetamask.


Open sourced: https://github.com/Orbiter-Finance/OB_ReturnCabin

A series of smart contracts developed by Solidity, will be deployed in Rinkeby during the test stage. They will be deployed in the ETH mainnet or a stable Rollup during the official phase. Anyone can become a Navigator by depositing a margin in ReturnCabin and making promises. ReturnCabin ensures that in the worst case, such as OrbitalModule failure or Navigatoris bad behaviour, and Sender can still get the margin from ReturnCabin.

SPV (Developing)

It is a hybrid project, the supporting facilities of ReturnCabin. Each ORBITER supported environment will have a corresponding SPV-Contract.sol and SPV-ProofCreater.js. The deployment environment of SPV-Contract.sol is the same as ReturnCabin, and SPV-ProofCreater.js will be deployed InSender Server, open-source at the same time. SPV has no permission to control, and anyone can use it. These are some of OBITER's contributions to the community. We are currently developing someSPV environments, such as ETH-MainNet (need to support EIP-1559), zkSync, Arbitrum, Optimism, Loopring, StarkWare.


Open sourced: https://github.com/Orbiter-Finance/OrbiterFE-V2

It is based on Vue + web3.js and is a front-end tool that makes it easy for the Sender to use the ORBITER service. Deployed in the EC2 server and deployed to ipfs in the future, Users can also run the project locally. ORBITER is an entirely on-chain-driven protocol so that the Sender can use our protocol even without SenderFrontend.

SenderServer (Developing)

It is based on Node.js, on the Dashboard project, and deployed in ORBITER's EC2 server. It is an auxiliary project, and the purpose is to improve the responding speed of SenderFrontend, which does not involve any transfer-related operations.

SpacingGuild (SG)


A series of smart contracts written based on Solidity, the deployment environment is the same as ReturnCabin, keeps SpacingGuild funds, and computes revenue distributions for all contributors in the SpacingGuild.


A series of smart contracts written based on Solidity are deployed in each EVM-enabled planet. Accept LP deposits and provide services for Navigator to balance the liquidity balance.


Access document for Navigator


A developer's guide to WormholeCreator


Cooperation model with Wharf

Naming rules: Project using: prefix-project name


Orbiter-Project OrbitalModule is OB-OrbitalModule.

Orbiter-Project SPV is OB-SPV.

Orbiter-Project Sender Frontend is OB-SenderFrontend.

SpacingGuild Agreement-Contract is SG-AgreementContract.

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