L2 Data

Orbiter L2 Data is an on-chain data aggregation and data analysis platform specifically for the Ethereum layer 2 ecosystem(Rollup Ecosystem).

The current volume on L2 chains should not be underestimated as the ecosystem is growing fast and more users are being onboarded. The Orbiter team always believes that the future of Ethereum is bound to be coexistence of both Ethereum and L2s. We are committed to providing more comprehensive, scientific, and effective on-chain data services about rollups ecology for individual investors, institutions, and developers. Together we will witness the development of Ethereum L2.

To this end, we have designed data products including "Rollups Data", "Dapp data", and "New Contract". We have also refined the data metrics and analytics dimensions to provide our data users with more reference value. Based on this, users can further conduct in-depth research on the L2 ecosystem, track L2 hotspots and trends, and explore value targets. We only support Dapp data on arbitrum, optimisim and zksync at present. More dapp data in the rollup ecosystem will be available in the future.

Data Resources

Our database contains transaction data only (without event/internal transactions). The data is updated ONCE a day at UTC 00:00, however, the latest results are not published immediately. The RPC endpoints are the source of most of our data. If that still doesn't meet our needs, we use external APIs from the official rollup explorer.

Our Metrics

Below is a list of currently available core metrics and their definitions on Orbiter L2 Data, provided with different statistical granularity (e.g. from launch to date, last day, last month, etc.). With our lists and charts, you can get an development overview of the rollups & dapp, do trend analysis, growth analysis, and ranking Comparison.

Accounts & Transactions

"Accounts" refers to the L2 accounts deployed on rollups, "Transactions" refers to the transactions during a specified time period initiated and completed at L2 that have been verified on Ethereum.


"TVL(Total-value-locked)" refers to the overall value of crypto assets deposited in the rollups' contract deployed on the mainnet. Breakdown: The assets are classified into three types:

  1. BTC - Only WBTC & ETH are counted.

  2. Stable Coins - Only USDT, USDC, BUSD, DAI are counted.

  3. Other - ERC20 tokens other than the above.

Users & User Age

"User" refers to the L2 accounts (unique address) interacting with dapp/dapp contracts. "User Age" refers to the cumulative days since users started the first transaction on the mainnet.

Active Users/Accounts

"Active Users/Accounts" refers to the L2 accounts (unique address) are active (have interacted with the project contract) during a specific time period, such as in the last day /week /month.

New Users/Accounts

"New Users/Accounts" refers to the L2 accounts (unique address) that have interacted with the project's contract for the first time during a specified time period, such as in the last day /week /month. Usually, the growth stage or maturity of a project can be observed with the help of its percentage of new users.


"Interactions" refers to the number of user interactions with a dapp/dapp's contract, to a large extent, it represents the transactions on dapps.

New Contracts

"New contracts" refers to the new contracts on the chain that are in high frequency calls within the last day (these contracts exclude ERC20 token addresses and are not included in the dapp contracts known to Orbiter and may be attributed to a new project).

Our principles for on-list are:

  1. To meet "launch time within 60 days".

  2. To meet "the number of unique addresses interacting with the contracts or the interactions in the top 100 ".

  3. Also to meet "number of interactions/number of unique addresses for interactions< 5".

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