What are O-Points?

In order to better serve our users, we've launched O-points, aimed at recognizing and recording user contributions within Orbiter Finance, while effectively tracking the loyalty contributions of each user.

What are O-Points used for?

You can connect your wallet at https://www.orbiter.finance/ to view the O-points held by your address and the honors of the Pilot NFTs on the O-points dashboard. Historical bridged transactions and third-party platform points will undergo an automatic retrospective for O-Points historical contributions, with the snapshot taken at the time of O-Points' initial launch. Contributions from activities such as NFT-related rewards, community services, and early Grant funding will gradually receive retrospective rewards in the future.

The components of O-Points:

The calculation of O-Points consists of three parts: Basic Points and Activity Points.

  • Basic Points: Basic contribution rewards for using Orbiter Finance for bridge transactions.

  • Activity Points: Task rewards for participating in Orbiter Finance-related activities.

  • Ecosystem Points:Rewards for interacting with Orbiter's ecosystem dApp based on the Orbiter Cross-Rollup Protocol. (3 O-Points/TX)

Basic Points and Exchange Standards:

Based on the different bridged tokens and destination networks, all historical transactions you've conducted using Orbiter Finance’s bridging service will be converted into Basic Points according to specific standards. Following the historical retrospective of O-Points, for each newly added bridged transaction, we will record the contribution in real-time on the same day and update it to your account's Basic Points. Each transaction conducted on Orbiter Finance's bridging service will be converted according to the following standards:

Bridged Transactions for ETH/BTC (From any network to:)O-points / TX

Ethereum Mainnet


zkSync Era, zkSync Lite, Starknet, Arbitrum(& Nova), Optimism, BEVM, Merlin, Proof of Play Apex, Solana, X Layer, BOB,zkLink Nova


Base, Linea, Scroll, Polygon zkEvm, Manta, Zora, Mantle, Mode, Blast, Zeta, X Layer, Mint, Cyber, Optopia, Taiko




Bridged Transactions for Stablecoins (From any network to:)O-points / TX

Ethereum Mainnet


zkSync Era, zkSync Lite, Starknet, Arbitrum(& Nova), Optimism, zkLink Nova


Base, Linea, Scroll, Polygon zkEvm,




Activity Points and Exchange Standards:

For users who have existing Orbiter Space points on platforms such as Galxe, TaskOn, and QuestN, we will retrospectively convert them into Activity Points based on the following criteria.

Activity PlatformsExchange Ratios







We encourage user engagement in diverse activities within Orbiter Finance, especially those tasks presented on the O-Points frontend(the official website). During the O-Points activity period, completing the relevant bridging tasks not only earns Basic Points for the transactions but also provides additional rewards in Activity Points. If a transaction fulfills multiple simultaneous activity tasks, the task reward will be received only once (typically for the most recently released activity task).

About Address:

We will grant O-Points based on the 'From Address'.

For example:

  1. From Starknet to other chains, O-Points will be calculated to the Starknet address.

  2. From any chain to Starknet, O-Points will be calculated to the EVM address.

The Example of O-Points:

Before the O-Points historical retrospective launch, a user had a total of 5 bridged transactions: '3 transactions bridging ETH (zkSync Era ➡ Arbitrum),'

'1 transaction bridging USDC (zkSync Era ➡ Ethereum),'

and '1 transaction bridging ETH (Linea ➡ Ethereum).'

Additionally, this user has 1000 points on the Galxe platform.

Based on the user's Basic Points calculation: '3*3+12+10=31';

Activity Points calculation: '1000/20+5 (reward from Linea activity) =55';

Therefore, the user's total O-Points amount to '31+55=86'.

After the O-Points historical retrospective launch, the user continued by bridging 1 transaction of ETH (zkSync Era ➡ Ethereum), resulting in an O-Points update on the same day to 96 (Basic Points: 41, Activity Points: 55).

If the user then adds another transaction of ETH (Ethereum ➡ ️Linea), they would gain 'basic points-3' and 'Activity Points to linea-5,' resulting in an O-Points update on the same day to 104.

After this historical retrospective, we will continue to launch more interesting activities on the O-Points platform. This includes cross-chain Dapp events related to Orbiter's ecosystem upgrades, accompanied by point rewards to give back to our users. Please stay tuned for our latest activities.


The O-Point System is a testament to our commitment to rewarding user engagement and fostering a vibrant, interactive community within our platform. We aim to continually evolve this system based on user feedback and contributions, ensuring a mutually beneficial experience for all our users.

For more details or inquiries about the O-Point System, feel free to contact our support team in Discord.

Orbiter Finance will continue to delve deeply into ZK technology, developing a decentralized cross-Layer2 interoperability protocol and aiming to become the Ethereum Acceleration Engine. We hope to have the continued companionship of all our pilots on this journey. Thank you all!

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