Integrate our API directly into your dApp. With our Orbiter REST API, you can easily find the best routes for cross-chain and on-chain swapping and bridging. Our comprehensive solutions enable you to

Get your API keys

Your API requests are authenticated using API keys.

By default, if you do not need high-frequency access and stability, you do not need to apply for an apikey. Otherwise, you can only apply for an apikey from us.

The X-Channel-Identifier is designed to distinguish between organizations. It is optional, and you may choose whether to include it in your request header.

Our DApp currently supports cross-chain interaction through two methods: EOA and Contract.

  • EOA Method: For user-initiated transactions, the EOA method can significantly save on Gas fees because it carries a security identifier (vc) in the amount's decimal places. However, this method has lower scalability. For example, in scenarios where you need to customize the target address or the entry point for the integration, the EOA method may not meet the requirements.

  • Contract Method: Although the Contract method may incur slightly higher Gas fees, it offers greater scalability. For instance, in scenarios requiring custom target addresses and specific entry points, the Contract method is the better choice.

For detailed implementation and integration examples of these two transaction methods, please refer to the documentation we provide.

Source code: https://github.com/Orbiter-Finance/openapi-example,

Preview: https://master.d1rrj22xnj1a1z.amplifyapp.com/

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