Token Release Schedule:

There is currently no official confirmation regarding the Token Generation Event (TGE). We kindly request that you refrain from disseminating or giving credence to any information originating from sources other than Orbiter Finance's official communication channels. Orbiter Finance team's primary focus is currently directed towards product development and enhancing the user experience. Any updates regarding token release will be communicated through official channels such as Twitter or Discord.

Providing Liquidity on Orbiter Finance:

Our future plans include the introduction of the Maker system, offering the opportunity to everyone to become a Maker. Makers will be able to contribute liquidity and generate income within Orbiter Finance’s ecosystem. For more in-depth information, please refer to β€˜Maker System’ Section.

Contract Auditing at Orbiter Finance: Orbiter Fiance recognizes the critical importance of contract auditing. We are committed to engaging a reputable auditing agency to thoroughly assess all contracts prior to the launch, ensuring the utmost security and reliability.

Assistance Required for Bridge Transaction Issues:

Should you require assistance with a bridge transaction issue, kindly initiate the process by opening a support ticket through the Create Ticket. Our team will promptly attend to your query.

Before submitting a ticket, we encourage you to perform a preliminary check by visiting the following link: History. In the webpage, please navigate to the 'Search' tab, where you can search for your transaction history. If you are able to locate your transaction, kindly provide the following details in your support ticket:

  • From Network/Chain: [Your Input]

  • To Network/Chain: [Your Input]

  • Transaction-Hash: 0x[Your Input]

  • Wallet Address: 0x[Your Input] This will expedite the resolution process and assist us in better addressing your specific concern. Thank you.

About Community Role Inquiry Clarification:

Kindly take note that all of your transactions have been meticulously documented on the blockchain, even if the Guild's role display does not reflect this information. Rest assured, we possess verifiable evidence of your transaction history, so there is no need for concern. It is important to understand that our Moderators do not possess the authority to grant Discord roles. We kindly request that you refrain from opening support tickets specifically for role-related inquiries.

Other Tech-wise Questions:

Please refer to our open resourced Github for detailed information.

Marketing Collaboration Inquires:

We are happy to witness good ideas sparkle. Please kindly fill in relevant information in the form as required, we will get back to you ASAP. Let’s shine together, sky is the limit!

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