Orbiter Finance

Inscription Cross-Rollup Protocol

Inscription Culture

Inscription, representing the spirits of fairness and democratization, has become an undeniable community force, garnering our attention and respect. As a leading Ethereum cross-rollup communication protocol, we are embarking on an experiment to make the Inscription cross-rollup feasible. We have pioneered a definition of an Inscription format, enabling developers to invoke our protocol for scenarios involving minting and cross-rollup functionalities, potentially unlocking more Inscription potential.

Inscription Ecosystem Support Plan

Developers utilizing the Orbiter Protocol for Mint initialization issuance and cross-rollup circulation can do so with a nominal protocol fee of only 0.00023 ETH, covering cross-rollup costs. But that's not all! Following the Mint issuance, for cross-rollup circulation costs incurred, Orbiter Finance will refund 80% to ecosystem developers. Ecosystem developers can autonomously decide the usage of these funds, fostering longer-term project development. For users engaging with interactive ecosystem dApps, Orbiter Finance will distribute "Ecosystem Points". All transactions generated through this protocol will be included in the O-Points reward system, with specific reward criteria based on O-Points.

Inscription - Just the Beginning

Orbiter Finance, as an Ethereum acceleration engine based on ZK technology, continuously explores cross-rollup scenarios, whether for tokens, NFTs, or Inscription cross-rollup We welcome communities and developer partners to construct innovative Omni applications based on our protocol.
If you plan to build, stay tuned for our GitHub code updates, and let's collectively shape the omni-chain development of Orbiter Protocol!